“The Nomad” – Water Purification Solution


Noah Water Systems, Inc. manufactures and sells The Nomad™, a portable water purification system capable of producing 25 gallons / 95 liters per minute or 36,000 gallons / 136,800 liters per day of safe drinking water from fresh water sources: wells, lakes, ponds, rivers or floodwaters. This unit comes complete with its own generator, pump and water inlet pickup. All hoses and connections use the quick-connect system for easy use and fast assembly. The unit is shipped in 2 custom ATA Specification 300-Category 1 Flight Cases complete with loading skids. The Nomad™ is a completely self-contained / self-sufficient water purification unit, making it the ideal choice to provide remote water service to larger groups.

Operating the unit is easy and effective, with assembly limited to quick-connect hose. The UV light source should be replaced after 9,200 hours of operation. The life of the Sediment and Carbon filters is completely determined by the amount of dirt, sediment and particulates in the source water. When the filters begin to reach the end of their useful life, the water out-flow will gradually diminish, indicating the need for filter replacement. Noah Water Systems carries a complete supply of replacement filters for your convenience.

  • Production @ 25 Gal / 95 Ltr / min
  • Disinfection to 99.9999% Kill Rate
  • UV Lamp-Out Shut Down Circuit
  • 4-Stage Purification Process
  • Easy Filter Change
  • Cleanable Pre-Filter
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • NSF Rated Components
  • ATA Spec 300 – Category 1 Flight Cases
  • Case Dimensions: 34x29x38 in
  • Weight: 600 lbs (total)
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • No Chemicals to Add
  • Honda Gasoline Generator and Pump

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