The Noah Water Product Line

Whether it’s a geographic challenge or a contamination problem, Noah Water Systems has two portable solutions: the Trekker and the Nomad. Both units use the same technology to effectively destroy bacteria and virus, making them the perfect choice for any condition. These products have been engineered and designed to purify water from fresh-water sources: wells, lakes, rivers, streams, dams, ponds, marshes and even polluted floodwaters. Virtually any freshwater source can be transformed into clean, safe, healthy drinking water. Applications include: disaster relief, refugee camps, missionary and medical teams, camping-hunting-fishing trips, marine and RV, remote villages, remote work camps, feeding programs, military and displaced persons emergencies.

The Nomad is our high volume unit, capable of satisfying the drinking water needs of small towns or villages and is well suited for disaster response. The Trekker will fulfill the water needs of smaller groups while providing total mobility. While the Trekker and Nomad differ in capacity, they both use the same patented technology. In addition to visibly cleaning the water, they also methodically kill the bacteria and virus hidden to the naked eye. That’s what sets the Nomad and Trekker apart from other products on the market. We’ve combined filtration and ultraviolet treatment, engineering them together into one cohesive process, creating water purification units that are completely portable.

Countries We've Served